EXO’s Kai Dishes On How His Fans Are The Reason For The Cute Bears In His Capsule Collection With GUCCI

“Isn’t it cute? It’s cute.”

EXO Kai’s Capsule Collection’ with Gucci has been presented to the world and, of course, it’s incredibly stunning. The collection features several adorable bears and there’s an adorable reason for it! In a recent KAI log, Kai took his viewers behind the scenes of his Gucci shoot and creative process where he discussed the significance behind the several bear designs.

For starters, it’s important to know that Kai is the first Korean celebrity to launch a Capsule Collection with Gucci! Clearly, Kai was perfect for the project as he put a lot of thought and creativity into the designs.

I love fashion and I’m personally am very interested in it. I’m so happy to see the Gucci Collaboration capsule collection and honored to be a part of it.

— Kai

Kai’s designs include cute bears on almost every piece of the collection. Kai explained that the reason for the several bears derives from how his fans have often mentioned how he resembles an adorable bear.

At first fans would always tell me ‘You resemble a bear.’ ‘You look like a bear.’ Even when I received gifts from them, there was always a lot of bear related things. Fans gave me a lot of gifts and, at one point, I realized that there were so many bears in my home.

— Kai

Going into further details, Kai revealed that because of the comparison of him and bears, Kai started to wear clothing with bear designs or carry around just bear-related items for his fans. How sweet is he?

I started thinking, ‘My fans would love if I use bear related items.’ So I wore bear clothing and used items with a bear character. I think naturally I came to really like bears. ‘How can I incorporate them into my daily life.’ ‘When should I wear them and show it to my fans?’

— Kai

As for Kai’s first impression of the “Kai Bear,” Kai replied with the straightforward answer that’s it’s simply “Cute.” He then showed off a cute furry bear badge!

Isn’t it cute? It’s cute. Look at this badge. It’s unique. See it’s even made with fur.

— Kai

Kai mentioned that he believes the bear designs add more of a comfy and welcoming feeling. It certainly is a loveable looking bear!

I think this bear character makes people think Gucci is more comfortable and easily approachable. I think a variety people can wear it. It’s casual, so they can wear it daily. The character gives Gucci a friendly look, so I think it’s a good thing.

— Kai

The bear has many charming qualities that Kai described in the video. From his name (Kai Teddy), his age (18 years old), his favorite movie (The Revenant), to his favorite food (meat), Kai has clearly thought of everything. He also shared that Kai Teddy is overall kind and intelligent with a specific goal.

He is very very well educated. He would never hurt anyone. Kai Teddy has a goal, like a long term goal. His goal is not to disappear from the collection.

— Kai

No matter what, Kai found a way to incorporate the charming bear on several of the pieces.

I do really like these trousers. Look at them from the front they have nothing, but on the back they have the subtle detail on them! Rather than being really obvious and showing a large bear, you have to look closely, so you say ‘is that a bear?’ I think points like this are very cute.

— Kai

The bear is definitely a well fitting trademark for Kai as both are charming and lovely!

Check out the log below: