EXO’s Kai Debuts His Newly Shaved Buzzcut Ahead Of His Military Enlistment

“OMG, he is still so handsome…”

It was suddenly announced at the start of the month that EXO‘s Kai would be enlisting for his military service on May 11.

EXO’s Kai | @zkdlin/Instagram

After the unexpected and shocking announcement, Kai went on Instagram Live and shed tears while thanking fans for their support.

| @zkdlin/Instagram
| @zkdlin/Instagram   

He even successfully threatened SM Entertainment into having a fan meeting before he left.

I succeeed in ‘blackmailing’… fan meeting.
All I have to do is frown a little.

— Kai

Of course, one of the most important moments ahead of any enlistment is when an idol reveals their shaved head, which is mandatory.

Ahead of his enlistment, Kai had a special event online for fans and even revealed his thoughts about the haircut. The idol revealed that he hadn’t shaved his head since the second grade but thought it would look cool.

Kai during his fan meeting | EXO/YouTube
| EXO/YouTube

On May 10, Kai finally revealed his new military to fans for the first time.

As expected, even though the idol hasn’t had his hair this short since debuting, he looked extremely handsome and, as expected, very cool!

Kai’s haircut before enlisting

When the photo was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the look and especially how good it looked on him, especially as, unlike fellow member D.O., Kai had never showcased such a short look.

Kai seemed to be feeling the look as much as fans as he shared his reactions to the new cut online. In particular, he hilariously explained, “It’s the first time that the wind is blowing through my head.”

While it was definitely a shock for fans, Kai proved just how much of a visual king he is as, even with a shaved head, the idol looks just as handsome ahead of his military enlistment.

You can read more hilarious reactions below.

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