EXO’s Kai Opens Up About How Desperate He Was To Perform “Growl”

Kai really wanted to perform it!

EXO‘s Kai reminisced about the time EXO promoted their title tracks “Growl” and “Wolf”, and revealed how desperate he was to perform “Growl” back in the day!

Kai recently made his highly anticipated solo debut with “Mmmh”!

To promote his debut, he appeared on the “Look Me Up” segment from 1theK‘s YouTube channel!

While looking up fancams and comments about him, he came across the group’s first repackaged album, XOXO Repackage.

“Wolf” was released as the title track to their first full album, titled XOXO, while “Growl” (their breakthrough hit) was released later as the title track of the repackaged album. Kai began reminiscing about that time, and revealed that initially, there was some doubt as to which song would be released first – “Growl”, or “Wolf”.

I remember that time. We weren’t sure if we should release “Growl” or “Wolf” first, and if we should perform “Growl” or not.

— Kai

Kai then revealed that since he had a very good feeling about “Growl”, he was super insistent about performing the song as their title track of the repackaged album!

I cried and insisted that we have to perform “Growl”.

— Kai

And it’s a good thing he did, for the song catapulted EXO to great heights in their early career!

Watch Kai talk about the group’s early “Growl” and “Wolf” days from the 8:33 mark here!