EXO’s Kai Proved Why He Would Make The Perfect Father With His Interactions With His Niece

He even went toy shopping with her.

EXO‘s Kai just revealed adorable photos of himself with his niece on his official Instagram account, and it might very well be the sweetest thing you’ll see all day.

The first few photos, captioned, “Come on out, kids” show Kai waiting for his niece to finish kindergarten while wearing a mask over his face.

The second series of photos, captioned, “Did you miss me?” then show Kai reunited with his adorable niece and walking up a set of stairs.

One of the photos even show him holding his niece up with just one arm which can be perceived as both adorable and a testament of his strength.

And in the last photo, captioned, “You already have that one at home” he managed to prove his niece-love even further by appearing to buy a toy for her at a toy store.

This isn’t the first time Kai displayed his love for his niece. In the past, he has shared multiple photos of himself making time out of his busy schedule to spend time with his niece in various ways.

As if Kai couldn’t be any more lovable…