EXO’s Kai Stopped Dead In His Tracks When He Saw A Fan Holding This Sign

He saw the sign from a mile away!

EXO‘s Kai was recently in Milan where he attended a fashion show as one of the global ambassadors for luxury brand, Gucci.


While walking the streets of Milan, Kai spotted a group of his fans waiting to see him. But his eyes spotted one particular sign from far away!


As soon as he got close, he stopped dead in his tracks and couldn’t help but point out the sign to everyone nearby.


He stared intently at it for a long time before he was able to walk on and continue his way to the Gucci event.


And what was that sign, exactly? It was Kai’s famous “Panty” moment on Knowing Bros! One of the sign had Kai from the famous episode with the caption, “Inside my panty… two words!?


The scene refers to EXO’s recent appearance on Knowing Bros where they played a game where two members wear noise cancelling headphones while trying to guess a word.


During the game, Kai misunderstood Baekhyun’s “Inside a padding” to “Inside a panty“… and it ultimately led to one of Kai’s most legendary moments on TV!


Kai proves once again that he’s not just a legendary fashion icon and a legendary K-Pop King, he’s also a legendary GIF King!

Source: Nate Pann