EXO’s Kai Is Going Strong As A Soloist, But He Admits That He Still “Really, Truly” Misses His Members

We’re not crying, you are 🥺

EXO‘s Kai recently came back to the music scene with his title track “Rover.” He sat down for an interview with Uproxx to promote this comeback, opening up about music, fame, and going solo.

EXO’s Kai

Related to the last topic, he was asked, “What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned as a soloist?” Kai gave a heartfelt answer about realizing just how much he longs for his members while he’s promoting alone. At present, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are completing their mandatory military service and he misses them the most.

As a soloist, I’m honestly very satisfied to where I’m at but I still can feel that I really, and truly, miss my members, especially those who enlisted.

— Kai

Though he is stirring up a storm online with his songs, what he looks forward to the most is having another comeback with EXO.

I’m really looking forward to the album that we will release as EXO altogether.

— Kai

He added that being a soloist made him realize just how much he lacks as an artist and how helpful it was to be on stage with other people. With his EXO members, he could share some of the burden with them that he now has to shoulder himself.

I could say that I realized I still do lack a lot of skills, and I have a lot to improve on still. And since I had my members while doing a lot of different activities with EXO, I was able to share the pressure.

— Kai

Kai finds it burdensome at times to release music on his own. It dawned on him that any outcome that he experiences is directly influenced by how he performs and not by any other person.

As a soloist, all the pressure is on me. Everything really depends on how I show my performance, and how the outcome is done by me. I really came to realize that I have to do my best and do better.

— Kai

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Finally, he concluded that being a soloist came with a stark realization that “time is special” and he should not take anything for granted.

And, this is actually not directed to me being a soloist but, one really big learning that I realized these days is that time is special.

— Kai

Check out Kai’s music video for “Rover” below!

Source: Uproxx