EXO’s Kai Took An Entire Year To Make His Solo Comeback—Here’s Why

He revealed why he could only drop his new album after a year!

EXO‘s Kai made waves last year with his solo debut song “Mmh”, and recently made his solo comeback after a year with the album Peaches and a title track of the same name. While talking about his new song, he also revealed why it took him an entire year to make a comeback!

Kai | SM Entertainment

Kai held his comeback showcase on November 30, where he talked about showing fans a different, softer side of himself through “Peaches”, and revealed why he picked this song to be his title track!

I expressed everything with just the one keyword of ‘peach’. This song stretched my imagination, so I chose it as the title track. I liked its dreamy atmosphere and the overall feeling and thought it was just the right one for me.


His comeback album Peaches was released on November 30, 2021, exactly a year after his debut album Kai (开), which was released on November 30, 2020. At the showcase, Kai revealed that he initially found it tough to work on this album with ease, as he had many other schedules lined up for the year, such as variety shows, and his activities as an EXO member. Throughout his busy schedules, however, he took great pains to work on Peaches, and was overall satisfied with the result!

I was torn between what I wanted to do and what I could do realistically, so I always had to compromise and try to find the best midpoint.


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Watch Kai be his dreamy self in his equally dreamy MV for “Peaches” here!

Source: Yonhap News