EXO’s Kai Trends For His Chaotic Food Creation

He played with fire to make it πŸ˜‚

When showing off his new waffle maker, EXO‘s Kai landed right onto the trending page of Twitter for his chaotic cooking that caused fans to laugh up a storm and bust out the funniest memes.

Through a series of videos documenting his cooking, Kai had fans on the edge of their seats while cooking a waffle that wasn’t quite a waffle.

Since he couldn’t eat an injeolmi waffle because of his diet, the idol opted for fried rice, which overflowed from the waffle maker and caught on fire.

Though Kai’s cooking was chaotic, fans could imagine how happy he was when cooking it.

After making his fried rice waffles twice, Kai presented everyone with the finished dishes.

| Lysn Bubble

Fans were loving how differently the EXO members’ cooking came out—from how neat Xiumin‘s cooking was compared to Kai’s that had a chaotic charm of its own.

EXO-Ls couldn’t resist poking fun at how chaotic the whole cooking process had been, pointing out that anything related to food may be a bit dangerous for Kai.

Some even wondered how famous chef Gordon Ramsay would react to Kai’s waffles, especially after he once roasted NCT‘s Mark‘s eggs.

Not only did Kai’s creation bring joy to many fans, but he also revealed that it was tastier than it looked. You may even want to try it out yourself—without setting off your fire alarm.