EXO’s Kai Seeks Out His Famous Friends’ Advice For His New YouTube Series… But Completely Fails

Congratulations to Kai on his new series!

EXO‘s Kai was initially known for his quieter personality and private life, but after eight years, he has decided that he’s ready to open up that part of his life for his fans. On EXO’s YouTube channel, Kai revealed he’s working on a new series to give more glimpse into his life.

Kai for Elle Men | @zkdlin/Instagram

After discussing his goals for the show, Kai decided to call some famous friends to help him decide on a name for the new project. His staff even suggested calling his friends who are active on variety shows.

Kai was initially enthusiastic about making his phone calls, saying, “shall I start calling now?”

Once Kai began scrolling through his contacts, his confidence waned quite a bit. He revealed that at the hour they were filming, “I don’t think many people would pick up.”

Just as Kai was about to lose hope, he found one contact he knew would pick up.

Kai dialed the phone confidently and sat back as it began to ring…

And ring…

And ring.

After the phone call was not answered, Kai decided that the person he tried to call wasn’t up (even though it was 1:20 pm).

The staff was curious about who this mystery friend might have been that could be asleep at this hour. It was none other than VIXX‘s Ravi.

While Kai may not have been able to “phone a friend” to name his show initially, later in the night, he was able to contact another friend and finally decide on KAIst as the name for his series.

We can’t wait to see what Kai will do next with his new show. To see more from Kai’s first adventure into solo YouTube content, check out the video below: