Female Fan Allegedly Punched In The Chest By EXO Security

She says she was punched in the chest after heart surgery.

An EXO-L, who was recovering from surgery, has claimed that she was physically assaulted by security at a recent EXO concert and has won the support of numerous fans who are demanding an apology.


The fan uploaded a post describing the security situation at the concert and what she, as well as many other fans, experienced.

“I saw many EXO-Ls being assaulted today and gained the courage to write this post as it just doesn’t seem right. At the EXO concert on July 13, 2018, I asked one of the Hwarangdan male securities where I should enter the concert arena and maybe because of the hot weather, he mouthed “f*ck” and led me there. On our way, I told him I’d left my light stick at the locker and apologized, saying I would go and get it. He responded by asking if I was crazy and dragged me after grabbing my wrist. Then, maybe he got angry but he hit me hard near my chest area. But the thing is, I had heart surgery 4 months ago and I was still recovering but I thought it was okay since I was with my friend. However, I got hit when my friend was gone for a moment. I was hit on the left side of my chest where I had surgery and am now suffering from severe pain. The doctor also told me to be careful around the surgery area and told me that if all goes well, I wouldn’t have to undergo any more surgery for the rest of my life. But now that I’ve been hit by one of the security, I’ve lost that hope. I won’t report it so I just hope that I could receive an apology. There are also many other fans who were assaulted. I ask that SM would please get rid of EXO’s security or provide better security.”


She added photos to support her story as well.


After hearing her story, netizens responded with outrage at the security for such vulgar behavior.

  • “That fan who has a weak heart has no fault whatsoever…This makes me so angry.”
  • “This is truly something that we all need to spread. If the entertainment agency sees this and doesn’t respond, they’re f*cking retards and there’s really no hope. This is seriously not something any human should be doing. Those security guards must have become guards to beat people up…not even doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Ha, this is so infuriating.”
  • “Those crazy b*tches…This is making me so mad. Those security guards don’t know how to do anything but guarding but they can’t even do that correctly.”
  • “Seriously those guards are so stupid. Why use violence? Low-class a**holes.”
  • “What do you mean just receive an apology…? You have to sue their a**es. Maybe she’s too young to know but in these cases, you have to sue them and get a couple thousand out of it.”


Moreover, fans have been spreading the hashtag #화랑단_사과해 (meaning #Hwarangdan(EXO security)_Apologize) and supporting the EXO-L to spread her story.

“Fans have begun using this hashtag after seeing EXO-Ls being inconvenienced and victimized and now that I think about it, I was a victim too. Hwarangdan, please apologize. We won’t accept this.”

“Please spread the news of Hwarangdan. This is not something to be settled with an apology and needs to be compensated.”

“Who are you to hit a precious EXO-L memeber.”

“Let’s please spread this. I don’t ever want to attend a concert with this company called Hwarangdan. Please, they treat the fans terribly and are absolutely the worst. I don’t want to see EXO-Ls get hurt.”

As fans continue to raise their voice on the issue, Hwarangdan and SM Entertainment has yet to respond.

Source: Pann Nate