EXO-L Cannot Handle This Hilarious Interview Lay Did In New York

It’s just way too funny.

EXO’s Lay has had his fair share of hilarious interviews during his media tour and promotion of “NAMANANA” in the U.S, but this one might take the cake.

Here’s are all the hilarious moments from this interview with EXO-L’s favourite host Ellie Lee.


1. When Ellie got all the studio staff for Lay’s Billboard 200 achievement, and Lay was first hit with Ellie’s energy.


2. When Ellie mentioned her hilarious interview with EXO two years ago and Lay mumbled “I’m an EXO member”. To which Ellie replied in a very motherly voice, “yes, yes you are.”


3. “YAS LAY, YAS.”


4. When they instantly became chingu… but Lay was too busy to hang out with his new friend after the interview. (She did score an invite to his NYC showcase!)

5. Every time Lay said he had poor English, Ellie was having none of that.


6. Seriously, Lay was keeping up with her…most of the time.


7. “Great beverage.”


8. When Ellie stood up to the people out there who were judging Lay’s music.


9. Then, when she found out that those people were SM Entertainment.


10. Ellie looking at Lay = EXO-L’s face looking at Lay.


11. “You are a huge star, Lay…You’re ginormous.”


12. It’s honestly hard to tell who misses EXO here more.


13. Lay getting used to Ellie and messing with her was too precious. “I’m not ready.”


14. Her face waiting for Lay’s response to the question of a world tour.


15. Lay’s reaction to Ellie’s description of Lay’s dream stage on at the Grammy’s.


16. When Lay stopped her from wrapping up the interview because he was having so much fun.


17. Ellie’s reaction when Lay said that he doesn’t rest. No doubt EXO-L feels this reaction hard.


18. “That’s why you’re so beautiful.” “Because of my team.” “No, because you.” “Thank you.”


19. Lay’s reaction when he learned what “vegan” means, and Ellie’s reaction to him.


20. When they started dancing to Justin Timberlake songs out of no where.


21. When literally 11 minutes into the 14 minute interview, Lay realized she was Korean.


22. When Ellie offered to take Lay to a club in New York, but he said for the 234983x time that he has no time.


23. When they ended the hilarious interview with Ellie and Lay dancing to “NAMANANA”.


EXO-L is absolutely dying over this interview right now!


Watch the full conversation here.