EXO’s Latest Hit Song Was Actually Produced By This Rookie Producer

The song has racked up over 14 million YouTube views!

EXO released their first Japanese album “Countdown” in January and its title track “Electric Kiss” immediately ranked #1 on the Oricon’s daily chart. But what may be even more amazing is that one of the most popular songs on the album was produced by a brand-new talent!


Evan Berard is a 23 year old Canadian who composed the beat to “Electric Kiss” in his bedroom. He never expected to make it into the K-Pop world, but he stumbled upon EXO’s “Call Me Baby” while searching for inspiration and was blown away.

“Originally, I was just looking to break the mold. I wasn’t intending on making K-Pop. I was just looking to make my sound different.”


He wanted to create something in the same vein and started working on his beat. The next thing he knew his publisher had sent his work to EXO and they loved it!

“They told me it was EXO, and I was like, ‘Can you spell it out for me?’ Then my publisher told me, ‘I’m 95% sure you’ve got a single.'”


Even then Berard didn’t quite believe it until he got a call in the middle of the night. The group was in the studio recording the vocals and they needed him to send some files over.

“Social media, it’s amazing. I can make a beat in my bedroom in Dorval, and get it placed and sung by the biggest K-Pop group halfway around the world.”


He couldn’t believe that the group that inspired him was going to use one of his songs. Right after the song was released, fans took over his Instagram, thanking him for the music and Berard couldn’t be happier.

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“The fans are some of the best fans I’ve ever seen.”


But really, it was a collaboration of two mega-talented artists!

Source: CBC and osen


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