EXO’s Lay Achieved Diamond Level Status On Preorders Of His Latest EP In A Single Minute

It hasn’t even officially dropped yet and it’s already setting records!

With anticipation building over EXO Lay‘s latest solo EP “Honey” ever since it was announced, when it finally became available for preorders it smashed through a few records and hit diamond status in no time!


Lay’s “Honey” EP officially became available for preorder on June 11 at 10:07 AM CST. Within a minute of the album becoming available for preorder on China’s QQ Music, it hit gold status, then double gold, triple gold, platinum, double platinum, and triple platinum before rocketing straight to diamond level status!


But the achievements didn’t stop there. As the second minute rolled around Lay hit the double diamond status and by minute three, he had officially achieved the hall of fame gold diamond with over 1.87 million copies sold.


Previously Lay set a record with “NAMANANA” hitting the impressive marker in 11 hours and 57 minutes. Now “Honey” has smashed that record in 3 minutes! Additionally, in the first hour, 2 million digital copies were sold and it’s already the best selling album on QQ Music’s 2019 digital chart!


With Lay’s “Honey” EP prepared to drop worldwide on June 14, there’s no doubt that king Lay will smash even smash through even more records!