EXO-Ls Are Calling Out SM Entertainment For Removing Lay From Their “Sim For You” Teasers

Fans want to know why Lay has suddenly been excluded:

Lay has suddenly gone missing in the new teaser trailers for EXO‘s reality show, Sim For You (also known as Heart 4 U) and fans want to know why.


A few months ago, EXO-Ls were introduced to a different side of Xiumin through Sim For You. Fans got to see more of what Xiumin is like off stage and got to dive a little deeper into his daily life! Since Xiumin’s series wrapped up, fans have eagerly been anticipating the next member to feature on the show.


Now fans have finally gotten their answer! On October 2, a brand new teaser was uploaded introducing fans to the next member. In the teaser, EXO-Ls are greeted by Xiumin who then hands off the show to none other than Chen!


Through the clip, fans have already gotten to see some more of Chen’s high energy personality when he enjoyed a sweet meal with Xiumin. And seeing how excited Chen was to get to be the next Sims For You member, fans are already highly anticipating his series!


Although fans were very happy to see the new trailer and are looking forward to Chen’s series, there was one thing they weren’t so happy about — Lay was missing from the opening clip!


Previously, all of Xiumin’s teasers started off with a search portal and when EXO was searched, all nine members of the group were displayed. Lay was even displayed on the small profile banner on the side! Additionally, Lay was also revealed in the official logo header for the show.


When fans checked out the new teaser for Chen, however, they immediately noticed that Lay was missing not only from the search and profile banner…


But he was also gone from the official logo header too.


Fans have always been completely understanding that Lay is unable to do many activities with EXO because of his incredibly busy solo schedule and while fans weren’t sure if Lay appearing in the first teasers meant he would be getting his own segment on the show or not, they were incredibly happy to see him included there. Now, EXO-Ls simply want to know why Lay was removed and are calling SM Entertainment out for it.


Additionally, fans have started a new hashtag to show how disappointed they are by Lay’s disappearance while also voicing their desire to see a series focusing on Lay.


Although no statement has been made yet, EXO-Ls are hoping for an explanation soon. In the meantime, fans are still very much looking forward to Chen’s series. You can check out the first teaser for it below: