EXO Lay furious at sasaengs in China and warns them never to repeat their actions

On the afternoon of August 20th, EXO Lay’s Chinese agency issued an official statement regarding the past two incidents involving sasaengs.

According to Lay’s representatives on the night of August 18th, two women attempted to break into Lay’s hotel wearing disguises. Lay’s company called the police and they arrived but the women eluded them and continued to harass Lay until 4:00 AM August 19th.

Around 10 days ago 4 sasaeng fans attempted to break into Lay’s drama shooting with filming gear of their own.

With regards to the two incidents Lay’s representatives said “The most important thing, even before trust and understanding, is respect. Lay’s safety and the protection of his privacy is of the utmost importance. With this warning we would like to remind fans to not infringe on any laws or his safety. If such incidents take place again we will take pictures as evidence and – within lawful boundaries – punish those involved as harshly as we can”

Source: TV Report