EXO’s Lay Is Officially The Sexiest Police Officer Ever In New Chinese Drama “Crime Crackdown”

We’re putting Lay under citizen’s arrest for stealing everyone’s hearts!

On August 9, the new Chinese action drama “Crime Crackdown” starring Sun Hong Lei, Liu Yi Jun, and EXO‘s Lay premiered on BTV, Dragon TV, and Tencent Video.

Crime Crackdown promotional poster | 扫黑风暴/Weibo

Even before the official release, there was massive hype surrounding the series due to its thrilling premise and exciting teasers uploaded a few days prior. EXO-Ls were on the edge of their seats waiting to see Lay in action!

Now that the first episode has aired, it’s safe to say he definitely did not disappoint. Almost immediately after the broadcast concluded, Lay began trending worldwide for his amazing acting and charming demeanor while portraying the role of the fierce policeman Lin Hao.

According to the show’s synopsis, Lay’s character supports frontline officer Li Cheng Yang in his efforts to “wipe out the two evil groups that had been in Zhongjiang City for more than ten years and bring the corrupted government officials to justice.”

Even though they’re on the same side, Lin Hao was originally under the impression that Li Cheng Yang was just as underhanded as the higher-ups, resulting in this iconic confrontation:

Crime Crackdown has already become a sensation in China, reaching more than 81 million views in total for just the initial previews and first episode alone!

Are you excited to see more of Lay as the series progresses?


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