EXO’s Lay Reveals SM Rated His Visuals Against Other Trainees

He was surprised by their rating.

During a recent interview, EXO‘s Lay revealed that SM Entertainment rated their trainee’s visuals in alphabetical ranks during his pre-debut days!

exo lay visual ranking trainee
EXO’s Lay during debut era of EXO.


And from a ranking from A to D, Lay received a surprising score of C!

exo m lay visual
Lay during debut era, second from the right.

“The company staff ranked trainees by their visuals, and I was rated C.”

— Lay


Out of all the male trainees at the time, SM staff believed he was fourth from last in terms of visuals.

“Two trainees received a rating of D, so I was fourth from the last in terms of visuals at SM.”

— Lay

But Lay never lets any negativity bring him down! He used that critique to motivate him to do better!

exo lay debut visual ranking

“I was able to work harder as a trainee because I was rated C. I was able to reflect back on myself.”

— Lay

But look at him! Look at Lay’s pre-debut photos!

exo lay predebut 2


Does this man look like a C-tier visual?!

exo lay predebut 3

Lay’s only known how to be a visual king since he was born!

exo lay predebut 1

Thankfully, Lay was able to know his worth and work hard to get where is he now!

exo lay predebut 4

Source: Asia Today
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