EXO Lay’s Speech at MAMA Might Have Sparked The Next Giant Fan War

EXO’s Lay is at the center of attention for his speech at MAMA 2016 which some are accusing to be direct shade. 

The controversial line in Lay’s speech is, “In China there’s a saying that the Yangtze River’s back waves will push off the waves in front. I hope EXO will prove this saying to be false and forever stand at the top of the highest mountain.”

The proverb essentially explains how newcomers will always overtake the old. The speech could be considered innocent as multiple EXO-L are stating. It makes sense that an artist who has won an award would not want to be overtaken by rookies.

However, multiple fans on Twitter were extremely angered by his speech. Most of these fans claim that the speech was directed somewhat towards BTS, inciting even more friction between EXO-L and ARMY.

Here are some of those tweets:

Watch the full speech by Lay below at 4:23:

Check out EXO’s full performance at MAMA 2016 below!