Steve Aoki Just Hinted At Possible Collaboration With EXO’s Lay

His mysterious message could mean we’ll be getting a collab soon:

Not too long ago, many fans were hoping that a new collaboration was going to be announced after seeing EXO‘s Lay and Steve Aoki take the stage together at the Samsung concert in China. Although it only seemed to be a dream, it looks like it could be a reality after all!


In a recent interview, Steve Aoki had a lot to say with his stage collaboration with Lay. He praised him for his quick and determined work ethic…

“I was all about working with him on a live song. So I flew out to Shanghai and the easiest thing we could do was to have him arrange the choreography for one of my songs since we don’t have any music out together.”

— Steve Aoki


And admitted that he thought Lay had the right stuff to make his music career take off around the globe.

“He’s got a lot of crossover potential to really pull a large demographic and fan base in America. I’ve noticed personality is a really big part of your music and the artists that have crossed over in American and internationally have really vibrant personalities. He’s not just a great dancer, a great singer, and part of a really big group. He’s got something really special.”

— Steve Aoki


He didn’t just praise Lay though, he also revealed that the two have been talking about doing “fun stuff” in the future!

“I can definitely call him a friend now. Now we’re talking about doing fun stuff in the future. I don’t want to give too much away though.”

— Steve Aoki


The mysterious revelation, as well as the fact that Steve didn’t want to give too much away, might just be a big hint that the Steve Aoki and Lay collab we’ve all been dreaming about could really happen!

Source: South China Morning Post