EXO Lay Will Not Be Participating In EXO’s Upcoming Concert

It has been confirmed that Lay will not be performing at the upcoming EXO Concert.

EXO’s event promoters Dream Maker Entertainment announced the news of Lay’s absence on their official Facebook page.


“Making adjustments with Lay’s schedule was not possible. Therefore, he will be absent from the concert.

The concert ‘EXO PLANET#4-The EℓyXiOn’ will continue with 8 members excluding Lay’s participation.”

— Dream Maker Entertainment

They asked the fans for unwavering love and support even with just 8 members performing.

Lay wasn’t able to participate in the group’s recent comeback albums.

[★BREAKING] SM Confirms Lay Will Not Be In EXO’s Comeback

But fans had found alleged evidence that he’s preparing to make a solo comeback in Korea.

Fans discover evidence that Lay is preparing for comeback in Korea

Whatever his individual schedules may be, fans are excitedly waiting for EXO Lay’s return.

Source: Dispatch