EXO Leads SM Entertainment To Their Most Profitable Quarter Ever

No company has ever made this much money in one quarter.

SM Entertainment released their revenue report today. The Korean music giants earned approximately 208 billion won ($188 million) in the fourth business quarter of 2018 thanks to the success of their various artists.

Their 208 billion won in revenue amounted to 15.2 billion won ($13.4 million) in operating profit. This is the most profitable quarterly performance by any Korean entertainment company ever.

SM also provided a breakdown on which groups are generating them the most revenue.

EXO – 31%
TVXQ – 21%
SHINee  – 14%
Red Velvet – 12%
Super Juinor – 8%
NCT – 6%
Others  – 4%
Girl’s Generation – 2%

EXO’s comeback in late 2018 with their album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” generated a significant portion of SM’s revenue for that quarter. TVXQ and SHINee also continue to be very successful groups financially.

SM continues to show their dominance of the Korean music market despite the increasing success of their closest competitors.