EXO’s D.O. Summarized His Relationship With EXO Members In Three Words

It shows how close their bond is.

In a recent interview with Singles, EXO‘s D.O. revealed how he felt about his fellow EXO members.


This year marks the 8th anniversary of EXO since their debut in 2011 and considering how long they have been together, it’s no surprise how dearly D.O. thinks of his members.

The EXO members are lifelong friends to me. Each member is so amazing. They’re loyal, kind and always comfortable so they feel like home to me.

ㅡ D.O.


Meanwhile, D.O. has been taking some great strides in his acting career in addition to his EXO activities. From 100 Days My Prince to Along with the Gods, D.O. has been proving himself as an actor through various works with his most recent being the animation film, Underdog.

Underdog is the first Korean animation to have completed the voice recording before beginning on the drawing of the animation and it took about 3 and a half years to produce.

D.O., who claimed to always have been an animation lover, talked about how he ended up taking the part for the film and described his experience.

I love animation. The scenario for Underdog was so good that I decided to take it as soon as I got an offer. It catches the expressions on my face and delivers them into the character and it’s interesting how the character looks like me. That’s why I think I was able to focus more on my acting.

ㅡ D.O.


In a recent survey, D.O. took 1st place for top “actor idols”, yet another piece of evidence that shows how well he is being received as an actor. But whether he is actor Do Kyungsoo, K-Pop idol D.O. or an average 27-year-old guy, D.O. described himself as simply the same Do Gyungsoo.

There’s no image I’ve set on stage or on camera. They’re all the same Do Kyungsoo. Simply put, I’m Do Kyungsoo who acts and sings.



May D.O. continue to flourish this year and onward as Do Kyungsoo and maintain his precious bond with his fellow EXO members!

Source: News1