EXO-L’s Are Boycotting EXO’s Collaboration With Interior Company Hanssem Effex

The company previously made headlines because of a sexual assault case.

EXO-L‘s are against EXO‘s collaboration with the interior company Hanssem Effex, the biggest furniture company in South Korea.

Hanssem Effex previously made headlines in Korean media when a woman was sexually assaulted at a motel by an employee who was supposed to be training her only three days after she was hired to work for the company.

She reported the incident to the police and met with the Hanssem head of human resources. She was made to change her statement on the incident. She also claims that the official had attempted to sexually assault her.

She was told to keep quiet because the company’s main demographic was women. The woman said that the man who assaulted her visited her house and pressured her to change her statement or else she would lose her job.

The woman has also been secretly photographed by another male employee while she was using the restroom.

The company has gained a bad reputation for forcing the woman to change her statement and for not taking immediate action against the employees who assaulted the woman.

Now, SM Entertainment has signed a contractual agreement with Hassem Effex. There are plans to release a collaboration with EXO.

EXO-L’s have started boycotting the collaboration on Twitter. They are calling SM Entertainment shameless for choosing to sign with a company with a known past with sexual assault.

Many are demanding that SM Entertainment cancel the collaboration and contract with Hanssem.

SM Entertainment has not responded to the backlash.