EXO-L’s outraged at Mnet for deleting EXO’s “Love Me Right” from YouTube

EXO-L’s are outraged at Mnet and M! Countdown for deleting EXO‘s performance video on YouTube which originally had well over 700,000 views. The performance now sits at just over 6,000 views originally had reached 700,000 in just 2 days after EXO-L’s tirelessly worked to promote the video.

It looks as if Mnet accidentally deleted the video or deleted it to change the quality, and then re-uploaded it quickly afterwards but could not do anything about the reset views.

Unfortunately for EXO-L’s, the “broadcast score” calculated for winners accounts for YouTube views as well (10% of the total score). EXO is going head to head against BIGBANG with their comebacks lining up to coincide on the same dates.

Check out the full video below: