EXO-L’s slay the Seoul World Cup Stadium at the 2015 Dream Concert

We’ve all (or at least most of us) have been to K-Pop concerts and been a part of the excited audience that cheers, screams, and sings along with our favorite artists during their performances. But… have you ever been in a crowd like this?

These EXO-L fanchants will really give you goosebumps and make you feel like you’re at the concert… even though you’re in front of a computer.

Onlookers captured these amazing videos of EXO-L chanting and singing along to EXO‘s Growl and Call Me Baby at the 2015 Dream Concert which took place on March 23rd at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

EXO-L were so enthusiastic and in-sync that it feels like you’re with them inside the stadium even from across the street. You can even see the light sticks moving too!

This fan taken video captures the true feel inside the stadium. The echo of EXO themselves singing and the echo of EXO-L cheering, singing, and screaming makes you feel like you’re actually there with them. You can just feel their excitement and love oozing through the computer screen~

EXO-L excitement only went up as EXO went on to perform Call Me Baby! Hearing all the screams, chants, and stage effects in addition to seeing the glow of the light sticks transports you back in time all the way to Seoul and to the concert itself.