EXO May Have Already Spoiled Their Next Comeback

Well played, EXO.

It’s been half a year since EXO has had a comeback and it’s been almost 2 years since the group came back with all 9 members so it makes it even more exciting that the group may have just spoiled their next comeback!


With K-Pop you’re never really sure when you’ll hear about a new comeback or when you’re favorite idols will tease you with a spoiler! Sometimes those spoilers are super obvious and other times it’s just a sort of suspicion you have. As is with EXO, the spoiler may be this one super suspicious move they were seen doing.


At a recent fan meeting, the boys were seen making this “I’m watching you” move and it got some EXO-Ls thinking that this could be a huge hint for a comeback!


The move seemed incredibly suspect because every single member on stage was seen doing it!


It seems even more likely since the group is definitely due for their comeback.


Even Baekhyun had hinted that the group would be having a comeback in 2018 during a livestream back in January.


While the evidence stacks up that this move may just mean they’ll be having a comeback soon, some EXO-Ls are remaining skeptical since Baekhyun used to do the move at CBX concerts.


But even if he had done it before and the other boys decided to adopt it too, it still doesn’t mean the group isn’t having a comeback. There is actually one more piece of evidence that the group will be making a comeback soon and that’s their very own China sheep.


Lay was recently spotted at the airport heading back to Korea!


So it looks like all the pieces are falling together! With so much suspicious activity going on, it looks like an EXO comeback is right on the horizon!