EXO Members Respond To D.O.’s Kissing Scene From “100 Days My Prince”

“[He was kisssing] for quite a long time.”

On November 1, the EXO members held a press conference for their 5th album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” at the COEX Artium where they talked about D.O.’s kissing scene from 100 Days My Prince.


D.O. starred in tvN’s 100 Days My Prince, which recently aired its final episode, alongside co-star Nam Ji Hyun. As D.O.’s first historical drama, it was a major success, having received the top viewer ratings among other programs of the same time, a significant achievement considering the fact that it was aired on a cable channel.


In the final episode of this drama, the perfect kiss concluded the perfect story!


And although it may have been a heart-fluttering moment for viewers, the EXO members apparently had different, hilarious opinions about the scene. In Chen’s case, he stated that he was surprised because it was the first time he had seen D.O. kissing.

“I watched that scene at home live on television with the heart of a fan. Actually, I was really surprised because it was the first time I saw D.O. kiss.” ㅡ Chen


In response, Baekhyun replied that it would be even stranger if he had already seen D.O. kiss before.

“It’s strange even if you already saw it before.” ㅡ Baekhyun


While D.O. himself expressed how he felt about the kissing scene very calmly…

“We didn’t have many NGs. We did do a couple of takes to get the some beautiful cuts but I’m very happy that our efforts produced a beautiful scene in the end.” ㅡ D.O.


The other members couldn’t help but poke a little fun at him.

“[He was kisssing] for quite a long time.” ㅡ Suho

“I’m so proud of him. After watching that scene, I thought to myself that D.O. really acts well. It was very natural.” ㅡ Chanyeol


When Chanyeol complimented D.O. on his acting, D.O. pointed out that Chanyeol didn’t even watch the drama to which he replied, “Well I watched that scene.”


Meanwhile, EXO will be releasing their new track “Tempo” today at 6 pm KST, so stay tuned!

Source: News Pim and Pann Nate