EXO Members Knew Too Well Only Maknae Sehun Can Make Chanyeol Stop Crying

Sehun is the medic. Send in the medic!

During the EXOPLANET #5 EXplOration Concert, EXO‘s Chanyeol got quite overwhelmed and began crying on stage while trying to communicate with his fans. When this happened, EXO members knew exactly what to do; and that was to send over the maknae medic, Sehun, to the rescue.


Chanyeol’s voice began shaking as he became more and more emotional, trying to thank the fans for their love and support.

For me, 2019 was a year I really reflected on myself and thought about where I’m going. All this time, I’ve worked hard to become what I am today… but now that I’m here, I can’t tell if I’ve come the right way. It made me think a lot and sometimes it got kind of tough for me. But you guys stuck by my side through all that. You continued to support me regardless. And I thank you so much for that…

— Chanyeol


When the other members realized Chanyeol is being dramatic again, they decided to dispatch Sehun, the care bear. At first, Sehun didn’t want to be sent on the mission – as he is seen reluctant to step up to the job…


… but soon, with the other members’ encouragement, Sehun walked over to Chanyeol at the edge of the stage.


And Sehun knew exactly what to do to comfort Chanyeol.


EXO-Ls can’t help but ugly cry at how beautiful this brotherhood is…


… although Sehun’s hug only seemed to have amplified Chanyeol’s feelings!


Yes, we love this brotherhood. We’re all for this brotherhood.