EXO Manager’s Post Spark Rumors About EXO Not Attending The MelOn Music Awards

This one post set off a chain of rumors.

One of EXO‘s managers may just have spilled some tea about claims that the members will not be attending the 2018 MelOn Music Awards!


One fan asked the manager on Twitter to discreetly tell the fans if EXO will be attending the award ceremony by uploading a photo of an Americano.

“Dear Yong Manager, if you feel like it’s difficult to directly confirm that EXO will not be attending MelOn, please upload a photo of Americano on Twitter ^ㅁ^ We’ll take care of MelOn after that. I love you^_^❤”



Multiple fans tagged the manager under the post to get his attention.


Soon after the Tweet was widely circulated, the manager posted a photo of himself enjoying an Iced Americano on Instagram.


He neither confirmed or denied that the photo has anything to do with the fan’s Tweet. He simply asked everyone to enjoy EXO’s new music.

“How about a cup of coffee listening to awesome music? #Tonight6pm_EXOTempo #1102_6pm_exotempo”

— EXO’s Manager


Regardless, EXO-Ls are convinced that this is the answer to their question.

  • “We understand. EXO-Ls will take care of MelOn. We love you, Manager Yong 👍”
  • “Okay understood. Kyakyakya~”
  • “So no mma this year”
  • “Thank you managernim 💙💙💙😂”
  • “Super manager nim 💕💕💕💕”


EXO’s new album and music video for ‘Tempo’ will drop on November 2nd at 6pm KST.