Here Is Everything We Know About EXO’s Upcoming Full Group Reality Show

EXO is finally starring in their own reality as a full group (minus Lay) after 5 very, very long years.

The show is called Travel The World On EXO’s Ladder Season 2. Season 1 featured EXO-CBX as they travelled around the Tottori Prefecture of Japan.


Thanks to Baekhyun, they will be filming the show with 8 of the members after he constantly told the producers and SM Entertainment staff that he hopes all members could try the reality-travel show out one day.


Similarly to Season 1, they will be using the “ladder of luck game” to plan out their vacation itinerary on this reality-variety program.


The members headed to Taiwan to film the show back in November 2018. The first episode will air on January 21st and will be available through Oksusu and TrueID.


The teaser showed the members having fun in a pool, enjoying ice cream by the ocean, running around the streets of Taiwan, feeding deer, playing sports, mini go-carting, and having fun indoors as well!


Suho was asked to give a spoiler while appearing on Idol Radio and he let fans know that we will be able to see a very hyper side of D.O. through the reality show.


According to Baekhyun, the filming was a lot of fun and he can’t wait to see how the show will turn out.


It’s been 5 years since EXO Showtime graced our screens, so you can bet EXO-L is beyond ready for this one.

Source: News1