EXO Responds To Whether Or Not They’ll Resign With SM Entertainment Once Their Contract Expires

They talked about the possibility of leaving SM, making their own label, or staying.

EXO appeared on Radio Star, where Suho, Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun talked about their future together.

Sehun first brought up that the members aren’t just business partners but truly family members. He recalled that he recently went through a difficult time but regained his strength just by being with his members.

I went through a difficult time but I became happy just by being with my members. It wasn’t even about talking deeply with each other.

I was able to find a lot of strength through it.

I realized that the 10 years that we’ve spent together wasn’t just for business, but we are truly close. We’ve become family.

— Sehun


Sehun also revealed that the main discussion topic between the members recently has been about finding one’s individual happiness and love.


Baekhyun then added that by individual happiness, they don’t mean to go off in separate ways but to find happiness as both a group and as an individual.


When they were asked if they were also discussing the possibility of renewing their contract with SM Entertainment to stay together, Suho revealed that the members all agree that they want to stay together!

We didn’t talk about this with our company yet. We only discussed it among the members.

No matter if we stay with SM, make our own label, or join another label, we want to stay together.

— Suho


He explained that they still have 2~4 years left on their contracts but when the time comes, they all want to stay together as a team.

We still have 2 years left and about 4 years in total if you consider our military enlistment, so we’re thinking of it lightly right now.

— Suho


Although nothing is certain for the future, EXO-Ls can be reassured that the members want to stay together forever and ever!