EXO Reveals How They Feel About BTS Fame In America

As BTS’s sunbae some might wonder whether EXO is envious of their hoobae’s international success.

At a press conference for their EXO Planet #4 — The ElyXiOn concert, however, EXO revealed just how they view their place in the greater K-Pop culture.

When asked whether they feel threatened by BTS and WANNA ONE’s success, EXO’s Suho gave a thoughtful answer.

“As the group is maturing, some might think that we are not fresh anymore. But we are working hard to showcase performances that are unique to EXO and our characteristics.”

— EXO’s Suho

Suho also gave an honest shout out to BTS and WANNA ONE for their impact on the K-Pop world.

“I’m really proud of the way BTS and Wanna One are making a mark for K-Pop all over the world.”

— EXO’s Suho

Proving once again just how humble the group is—even in their enormous success—Suho went on to talk about how EXO’s members see themselves as just a small part of a much larger cultural phenomenon.

“PSY, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ!, and SHINee sunbaes paved the way for us, and it’s our duty as hoobae groups to solidify K-Pop’s position in the world.

We want to take part in that effort and are preparing performances and making music with that in mind.”

— EXO’s Suho

It appears there’s really no envy or jealousy there—especially since EXO performed for crowds as big as 66,000 in their latest series of concerts.

EXO is also well on its way to doing its part for K-Pop as a global phenomenon as its international tour is scheduled for December!

Source: Naver News