EXO’s Sehun Advised Wanna One’s Lai Kuanlin On How To Survive As A Maknae

EXO’s Sehun and Wanna One’s Lai Kuanlin seem to have a very close friendship!

Sehun and Lai Kuanlin are both maknaes (youngest members) of a mega-popular K-Pop group. Sehun, having debuted years before Lai Kuanlin, advised him on what it takes to be a maknae.


Lai Kuanlin revealed during a recent radio show that Sehun taught him to think a lot more when the older members are talking.

“[Sehun] is also the youngest of his group so he gave me advice about the responsibilities of the team’s maknae. [The Wanna One members] were born before me. [Sehun] told me that whenever the older members tell me something, I should think about it to myself more than once.” — Lai Kuanlin


Sehun told him to think from the older members’ shoes and to become a more understanding person.

“Sehun told me to think from the hyungs’ perspectives.” — Lai Kuanlin


Perhaps it’s thanks to Sehun’s wisdom as a maknae, but Lai Kuanlin definitely is loved by his Wanna One hyungs!


Sehun and Lai Kuanlin seem to have a close friendship as they often promise to get together for dinner!

“Sehun contacted me yesterday, inviting me to grab food with him.” — Lai Kuanlin

Source: My Daily