EXO-Ls Have Been Sending Sehun Their Love After He Revealed He’s Been Feeling Unwell Lately

Get well soon Sehun!

On September 28, EXO gave EXO-Ls an EXplOration concert to remember with their amazing performances, delightful interactions, and sweet ments. Although there were plenty of great moments from the concerts, fans immediately became concerned for Sehun when they realized how unwell he was feeling.


Towards the end of the concert, Sehun revealed that he hadn’t been feeling at his best for the past few days and had been taking medicine to help.

My health has not been the best for the past couple of days. When I came to Taiwan, I got a drip and took some medicine too. I am not that unwell though! I don’t know if it’s because I took too much medicine but my state seems to have gotten worse.

— Sehun


Sehun also revealed that he found the performance that day a little harder because he wasn’t feeling well.

Today might have been a bit harder, but it’s been a while since we had a concert here in Taiwan and I did my best. Although I might be lacking, I hope everyone understands.

— Sehun


Sehun had previously let fans know he was feeling a bit under the weather during their concerts in Bangkok but after hearing that he was still feeling a bit sick, EXO-Ls immediately became concerned again. Hearing his words, they started sending him all of their love and plenty of well wishes too.


Meanwhile, EXO just finished up their second Taiwan tour stop with Sehun once again giving 1000% on stage even if he wasn’t feeling the best. With their next EXplOration stop scheduled for October 11, everyone is sincerely hoping that Sehun will get plenty of rest and be able to make a speedy recovery. Get well soon Sehun!