EXO’s Sehun Flexes His Wealth With Fiery New Sports Car

Eagle-eyed fans quickly found out what the car’s model could be.

Becoming a top trending topic on Twitter,  EXO‘s Sehun went live on Instagram to catch up with fans while walking his adorable dog Vivi. EXO-Ls couldn’t help but notice the idol seemed to have purchased a fiery new sports car.

At the end of his walk with Vivi, Sehun ended his Instagram live by preparing to get into a bright red sports car that hadn’t been seen before. Though Sehun didn’t show much of it, that was enough for fans to discover what model the car could be.

From the details in the video, EXO-Ls claimed the car was a Ferrari F8, which costs around $274,000 USD at its lowest price point straight from the dealership.

| @forsekais/Twitter

While everyone loved how well the sports car suited him, fans also loved the nonchalant way Sehun projected luxury. Taking Vivi for a walk wearing Louis Vuitton slides and hopping into a Ferrari? That’s undoubtedly luxurious.

Sehun | @oohsehun/Instagram

After all, who else stops by a shop for some bubble tea in a luxury Audi R8 like Sehun?

Source: Twitter and Twitter