EXO Sehun Surprised Lee Seung Gi With This Special Gift

Sehun’s gesture was so sweet!

EXO‘s Sehoon surprised Lee Seung Gi with a special gift that made the multi-talented entertainer’s heart flutter.


On January 2, Lee Seung Gi shared a picture of himself and the coffee truck that EXO’s Sehun sent to his drama film site. On the banner, Sehun wrote, “Actors and staff of Vagabond, fighting! Seung Gi hyung fighting! I will be supporting,” and “Actors and staff of Vagabond, please enjoy and stay strong.”


With the post, Lee Seung Gi confessed that Sehun had made his heart flutter and thanked the idol for the wonderful gift.

“So this is what it feels like to receive a surprise present. My heart is fluttering because of a man. Thank you Sehun for sending this gift so suddenly! Let’s meet and do a loveshot soon. I love Sehun. EXO is the best.”

ㅡ Lee Seung Ki


The two stars will be appearing on the upcoming Busted! Season 2, which is expected to begin airing in 2019. Sehoon had previously shared a photo with Lee Seung Gi and the rest of the cast members enjoying a meal together.


Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is currently filming his upcoming drama, Vagabond, which is set to premiere in May so stay tuned!


Source: Pann Nate