Netizens Are Angry At The “Despicable” And “Unsafe” Mission Given To EXO’s Suho During The Group’s Reality Show

It isn’t the first time the show has come under fire!

Correction: The original article mentioned that it was a penalty, but it has been changed to mission as it was not a penalty given to Suho.

A recent video for EXO‘s show Travel The World has come under fire for its “despicable” mission for Suho, which has been criticized for being dangerous.

EXO’s Suho | @kimjuncotton/Instagram

Yet, although idols are at peak physique, netizens have hit back after Suho was made to do a “dangerous” and “toxic” punishment in a new video. Episodes of the group’s Travel the World on a Ladder show are being released.

In a new clip posted, Suho was seemingly given a mission to do linking with one of the episodes, so the idol got up and prepared as it was revealed he had to do 1000 jumps on a skipping rope.

Unsurprisingly, the first 100 weren’t too bad as Suho got into the movements and started strong.

Yet, as Suho did more and more, it got harder for netizens to watch as they could see the idol getting more and more exhausted.

By the time he had got halfway, the pain in Suho’s eyes was clear as he had to take off his jacket when he realized he still had 500 to go.

In the end, after he had done 800 and D.O. came to see, the idol dropped the skipping rope and ran away.

When the video was posted, netizens immediately found problems with what Suho had to do. Although the content was probably posted for entertainment and to make netizens laugh, most found it anything but. In particular, considering Suho was in the midst of a busy schedule, including preparing for a musical, they couldn’t believe the idol had to do it, especially when he seemed so tired.

Others even pointed to other negative parts of the show, which has proven unsafe for the members, including Chanyeol having to go on an unguarded roof wearing a blindfold.

While missions  are normal in K-Pop variety shows, this seemed too much for an idol, especially Suho, who has a busy schedule and a history with knee injuries.

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