EXO’s Sehun Shows Off Sculpture-Like Visuals In Recent Event

He is indeed human.

EXO‘s Sehun recently attended an event for the luxury luggage brand, Rimowa, and showed off his sculpture-like visuals.


On the afternoon of July 5th, Sehun appeared at BOONTHESHOP located in Cheongdam for the “Rimowa, Essential Poly Color Collection Launch” event.


On this day, he wore a smart casual outfit that was perfected with his dazzling visuals.


Even close-up photos could not reveal any flaws on Sehun’s face.


Sehun posed with the Rimowa suitcase with his unreal proportions…


And leisurely waved his hands in front of the cameras, turning the photo wall into a photo shoot studio!


Who can deny Sehun’s stunning visuals? Check out more photos from the event below:

Source: Joy News 24