SM Entertainment’s Second Quarter Plans Include An EXO Comeback

Business insiders revealed we’ll be getting a comeback soon:

Business insiders recently predicted that SM Entertainment will do really well during the second quarter thanks, among other things, an EXO comeback!


Eugene Investment & Securities Co. recently published their predictions for SM Entertainment’s upcoming financial quarter and, according to the investment company, things will be looking up.


With researchers predicting a good quarter thanks to Red Velvet and their upcoming Japanese album and NCT with their album and world tour…

The performance in the first quarter wasn’t all that significant due to the lack of activities of SM Entertainment artists. In the second quarter, however, there will be much more activity. NCT will release their album and hold their world tour while Red Velvet has been confirmed to release their Japanese album.

— Han Sang Woong, Researcher at Eugene Investment & Securities Co.


There was one piece of information from the report that immediately caught the attention of EXO-Ls. In the report, the researchers also mentioned an EXO comeback as part of their predictions!

EXO is also expected to make a comeback in the second quarter. With EXO’s comeback, Red Velvet’s album, and NCT’s activities, SM Entertainment’s performance will improve in the second quarter.

— Han Sang Woong


If the prediction is true, that would put EXO’s comeback in June or July as the second quarter of the year will end in July!

Source: Business Post