EXO Suho allegedly sexually harassed by female comedian

Female comedian Hong Yoon Hwa is under fire after touching EXO Suho‘s thigh during shooting of Star King.

A recent controversy arose when rumors of EXO Suho’s thigh being touched by comedian Hong Yoon Hwa spread all over the web amongst EXO fans and online communities. The incident happened during the shooting the Chuseok special episode of ‘Star King’ when Suho and Hong Yoon Hwa were sitting next to each other. According to various witnesses, comedian Hong Yoon Hwa put her hand on Suho’s thigh and grabbed them when suddenly Suho reacted as if he was surprised. Then, feeling uncomfortable, Suho allegedly moved far away as possible from the comedian after the incident.

After various online communities asked the comedian to make an apology to Suho publicly, Hong Yoon Hwa didn’t hesitate to make an apology on her personal blog.

Titled “Dear EXO Suho’s Fans,” here is the direct translation of her apology.

“Hello, this is Hong Yoon Hwa. I didn’t know where I should post this in order for the fans to read so I post it here.

I returned from shooting the Chuseok special episode for SBS ‘Star King.’ And I recently read comments and posts of EXO Suho’s fans. There were stories that I touched and grabbed Suho’s thighs and Suho avoided me. There were fans asking me to explain and release an official apology in the posts. I feel that I need to make an apology first so I am really sorry to both Suho and Suho’s fans. I am trying to remember exactly what happened but I can’t. But I guess it is true that I touched Suho and there were people who saw it which led to this situation. I did not have the intention to touch him but I guess I touched Suho’s thigh after doing a reaction to a funny situation. And when I hugged Suho and touched his arms, it was already planned out before with Suho. I’m really sorry if these things made fans uncomfortable. I will try my best to pay close attention to any of my actions from now on.”

Source: Star News