EXO’s Suho Handwrote A Heartfelt Letter To EXO-Ls For Their 7th Anniversary

Even non-fans will be moved to tears by his words!

EXO celebrated their 7th anniversary since debut together with their fans!


And as a special gift for their fans, Suho hand wrote a postcard letter to express his gratitude and love.


He wrote about the various emotions and thoughts that he’s been experiencing while traveling the world for work and personal travels. He wrote the card on an artwork by Vincent Van Gogh.


He decorated the letter with EXO’s debut date, his signature bunny, and lots of love! He addressed it to EXO-Ls all over the world!

“Hello. This is EXO’s Suho, Kim Jun Myun.

It’s the first time I wrote a card like this, right? I wanted to gift EXO-Ls with a small present for our 7th anniversary since debut, so I decided to write this card. I’m currently shooting a photoshoot and traveling in Paris, France. I’ve been traveling to various countries since this past January for schedules and trips, and I’ve seen and felt a lot of things. I’ve especially felt once again that there are many EXO-Ls all around the world. I’m very proud, thankful and worried at the same time. I’m able to be happy on stage and off-stage thanks to everyone’s love. EXO-Ls have given us more love than we can ever repay. You’ve worked so hard over the past 7 years and I look forward to our future together too. I’m so thankful, and let’s continue to see each other for a long time. I love you.


PS. I hope I was able to share what I’ve been seeing and feeling through my Instagram photos~”

— Suho


Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a sweet leader like Suho?!


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