EXO’s Suho Hints At A New Group Comeback During Exclusive Interview, And EXO-Ls Are Already Celebrating

Plans may be in the making!

EXO Suho‘s exclusive interview with the Indonesian entertainment channel Insertlive K-Pop was aired on February 28, causing waves when he mentioned that there were future plans not only for a new solo album but for EXO as a group!

| @insertlive/Instagram

This comes soon after SM Entertainment recently confirmed that EXO Ladder Season 3 would be happening this year, with filming reportedly commencing on February 28. The new season is due to be released in April 2022, and fans already can’t wait to see the members having fun together again.

But now it seems like we could be getting a new comeback to go with the new season, as leader Suho revealed on Insertlive K-Pop. While Suho commented on many subjects throughout the interview, including his own newfound love for wine and for cooking…

…it was his comment on plans for his next solo album, and for a new EXO album, that captured fans’ attention.

A mere minutes after the interview was aired, the hashtag #EXO COMEBACK was already trending on Twitter—a trend that EXO-Ls are certainly happy to see again after a year!

While SM Entertainment has yet to confirm the news, Suho’s words already have fans celebrating the return of EXO.

And while many fans are already sure that the comeback is indeed happening…

…some are more cautiously optimistic.

At the end of the day, however, everyone is excited. With the announcement for EXO Ladder Season 3 and now a possible new comeback, EXO-Ls have a lot to celebrate as one way or the other we will be seeing more of EXO again!

Hopefully Suho’s statement will be officially confirmed soon so fans can prepare for a whole new era of EXO!

Source: Top Star News