Suho And Jaehyun Posed For A Visual-Packed Photo Because Suho Knew Exactly What The Fans Wanted

Suho knows exactly what the fans want to see.

EXO‘s Suho and NCT‘s Jaehyun took photos together after appearing on Inkigayo together, and it was the visual-packed photo that all EXO-Ls and NCTzens ever wanted!

Jaehyun posted it to their Instagram as a celebratory post for Suho’s solo debut.

Suho hyung!! Congratulations on your solo debut! I’ll always cheer you on

— Jaehyun

As expected, fans were all about this visual combo as they couldn’t stop appreciating how these two SM brothers looked so strikingly similar.

Suho took the opportunity to reveal a few things about the photo. For one, he jokingly claimed he took a photo with Jaehyun because his popularity was just too strong.

And second… it was all planned by Suho! He took the photo because he knew the fans wanted to see the visual kings together!

But most importantly, he knows the exact visual combo that the fans are dying to see… he, Jaehyun, and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo!

That’s right, EXO-Ls, NCTzens, and Arohas! Suho knows exactly what you need and it’s only a matter of time before the King of Fans makes it happen for all your visual needs!