EXO’s Suho Describes Red Velvet’s Wendy And Seulgi As “SM’s Angels”

No one can take Suho’s “#1 Red Velvet Fanboy” title away.

EXO Suho‘s love for Red Velvet is famous, and he and the girls share one of the cutest friendships in K-Pop.

In his vlog about his time in London, where both he and Red Velvet performed at the MIK Festival, Suho gave viewers a sneak peek of the rehearsal stage while Red Velvet was practicing. Turns out, Suho isn’t the only Reveluv in his band; fellow band member Jun Seob couldn’t concentrate on preparing for Suho’s rehearsal stage thanks to Red Velvet’s presence. Of course, he claimed that Suho was still the best, but it’s clear that Red Velvet is definitely one of his favorite groups.

| EXO/YouTube

Later on, Suho came across Wendy and Seulgi while walking around London and came up to greet them as if he was just a lucky YouTuber who bumped into his favorite idols on the street.

Suho might be Red Velvet’s biggest fan, but he’s also one of their closest friends and labelmates. As such, he didn’t refrain from teasing Seulgi for wearing a U.S. hat in the U.K. before playing along with her and claiming that the letters actually stood for the word “us.”

Their brief time together was full of laughter, and in the midst of all their fun, Suho informed everyone that Seulgi and Wendy were SM’s angels. The girls were delighted at his compliment and pretended to fly in response, and their sweet interactions and joyful energy warm the hearts of everyone watching.

You are watching SM’s two angels. Seriously, they’re some of the nicest people I know.

— Suho

Wendy and Seulgi are genuinely the sweetest people, which is why they’re so beloved by fans and idols alike. And as a last act of kindness during their London trip, Wendy gave Suho a box of chocolates to share with his band members.

Truthfully, all three of them have angelic visuals and personalities, and as they say, birds of a feather flock together.