Suho Teased Fans By Hinting That EXO Are Currently Working On Their Next Album

He even hinted when the album would likely drop!

Everyone was already celebrating over EXO‘s amazing first week of their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration tour, but Suho gave us all another huge reason to celebrate!


During EXO’s concert on July 21, Suho dropped a huge surprise for fans. While the members were thanking fans who came to show their support, Chanyeol also asked Eris to give lots of love to both his and Sehun‘s unit debut as well as Baekhyun‘s solo album.

Please show lots of love for our unit album and Baekhyun’s solo album as well. We are one!

— Chanyeol


Hearing Chanyeol’s words, Suho couldn’t help adding in one more thing that EXO-Ls should be ready to support…a new EXO album!

Not only their album! Our album will be coming out soon too! If I have to give you guys a hint, it’ll definitely be out within the year!

— Suho


Not only that, Suho even revealed when they hope to release the album!

We’ll greet you with a new album before the winter season. We plan on working on the next album while we’re on our world tour. That’s what we’re hoping! I might’ve accidentally said too much… But it’s okay, I’m the leader!

— Suho


Although July is officially EXO month, it looks like this year might have more than one month dedicated to the kings of K-Pop! Meanwhile, EXO will continue to blow everyone away on their EXplOration tour!

Source: Herald Pop