EXO surpasses 100 million views with “Overdose” MV with another close behind

EXO has reached another milestone as they celebrate their first 100 million views on YouTube for their music video “Overdose.”

Originally released in May 2014, two years since its release, “Overdose” has officially surpassed the 100 million views on the Korean version. At the time of this writing, “Overdose” has 101 million views. Adding in the views from the Chinese version, the song in total has nearly 120 million views.

In terms of K-Pop boy groups, EXO is the third idol male group to achieve this feat following BIGBANG (“Fantastic Baby,” “Bang Bang Bang”) and Super Junior (“Mr. Simple”). But they are also very close to achieving another 100 million view on the music video for “Growl” with 99.57 million views (as of May 16th, 4:30am KST). This track was released on August 2013.

Reaching 100 million views on YouTube is extremely rare with only very few artists in South Korea having achieved this number including PSY, BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, Hyuna and Super Junior.

Meanwhile, EXO is said to be preparing for a comeback this summer with a brand new album.

Source: Ilgan Sports