EXO’s Xiumin Asks Baekhyun The Question Many EXO-Ls Have: Is He Smoking In “Bambi”?

Baekhyun reveals the answer that Xiumin and EXO-Ls have been waiting to hear.

EXO‘s Baekhyun asked Xiumin to do a music video reaction to “Bambi”, and it was then when Xiumin asked the question many EXO-L’s were dying to ask: is he smoking in his music video?

| EXO/YouTube

The opening scene of his “Bambi” is a shot of Baekhyun breathing out what looks like smoke. Upon seeing it, Xiumin immediately asked “What? Are you smoking?” in surprise.

Baekhyun hurriedly assured him that it was water vapor, and not smoke. Xiumin laughed, and Baekhyun explained that the “[water vapor] came out too much” so it looked thick like smoke. You can watch Xiumin’s full reaction below: