EXO-Ls Are Celebrating Big After Realizing How Many Days Are Left Until Xiumin’s Return From The Military

Things just got a little “Xiuweeter”

When it was first revealed that EXO Xiumin‘s expected military discharge date would be December 6, 2020, everyone felt like the date was a little bittersweet. On the one hand, they had a specific date for when Xiumin would come back home and on the other, December 2020 seemed like a long way to go!


But things have just gotten a little “Xiuweeter” thanks to the official countdown to his discharge! Many EXO-Ls have been keeping up with Xiumin’s enlistment details through an app called Goondori. This app allows someone to register a soldier and keep track of all kinds of information about them including military promotions and discharge dates.


Through the app, fans learned that July 25 was Xiumin’s 80th day of service which meant that when the clock rolled over to 12:00 A.M. KST signaling the beginning of July 26, Xiumin had less than 500 days to go before his discharge!

On July 25, Xiumin officially completed 79 days of service which meant he had 500 days to go.


With that news, EXO-Ls began celebrating big! They created a few new hashtags in celebration, #Always_XiuweetTime and #시우민_제대까지_499일 (#Xiumin_499Days_ToBeDischarged), which quickly began trending worldwide!


Fans have continued to show their love for Xiumin while showing their excitement for the number of days left until they can see him once again!


With less than 500 days to go, December 6, 2020, doesn’t seem quite so far off as it did before!