EXO’s Xiumin And NCT’s Mark Prove That Their Friendship Is Still Going Strong During NCT 127’s Encore Stage At Music Bank

They have the most wholesome interactions.

EXO‘s Xiumin and NCT 127 have recently released new music, and they didn’t hesitate to show off their close senior-junior relationship during their overlapping promotions. Yesterday at M Countdown, they took pictures together, and Xiumin blended in seamlessly with the members (his everlasting youthful visuals make it hard to believe he’s not the same age as them).

Xiumin even stood with NCT 127 at the front during the ending stage, and if it weren’t for the different outfit (which was still green, a shade not too far off from NCT’s official color), it’d be hard to tell he was in a different group.

Today on Music Bank, NCT 127 won first place, and Xiumin didn’t hesitate to celebrate their win, resulting in the cutest encounter between him and Mark.

Mark is one of Xiumin’s favorite juniors, as the two have worked together on a previous SM Station, “Young and Free,” and more recently collaborated on “How We Do” for Xiumin’s solo album. When Xiumin surprised Mark during the encore, Mark’s genuine excitement melted everyone’s heart, and their bright smiles are proof of their close friendship. Xiumin continued to congratulate NCT 127 as a whole on Bubble, proving to be the best senior NCT could hope for.

This isn’t the first time Xiumin’s mentioned Mark during his solo promotions. Xiumin has constantly brought Mark up in conversation, and this conversation about the adlibs of “How We Do” reveals just how adorable their relationship is.

Xiumin will even mention Mark without any context. If there’s any proof that their friendship is genuine and not business, it’s this random pun Xiumin made during Street Alcohol Fighter.

You can read more about their friendship and why Xiumin chose Mark for a collaboration on his debut album Brand New here:

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