EXO’s Xiumin Gave Advice To SM Entertainment Trainees That Netizens Can’t Help But Agree With

It’s a basic but unique tip.

EXO‘s Xiumin recently appeared on the fifth episode of the SM Entertainment survival program NCT Universe: LASTART. He met the trainees who would be covering “Electric Kiss,” the group’s Japanese single from 2018.

Xiumin with the trainees | SM Entertainment

Xiumin is part of one of the most legendary K-Pop groups in history. Ever since their debut in 2012, EXO has released numerous hit songs such as “Growl,” “Monster,” “Love Me Right,” “Call Me Baby,” and most recently, “Cream Soda.”

EXO | @weareone.exo/Instagram

The senior monitored the practice of the contestants, pointing out small but relevant ways they could improve.

Afterwards, he asked them all an important question.

You’re practicing singing, too, right?

— Xiumin   

He explained that singing is the number one skill that a K-Pop idol needs to master. The industry, while focusing highly on the visual aspects of a performance, still requires good vocalists.

To be honest, dancing isn’t that important. Singing is the most important.

— Xiumin

Xiumin observed that one’s singing abilities are what truly matter when it comes to receiving praise from the audience. A K-Pop idol can be the best dancer but will still be considered sub-par if they do not know how to sing well.

If you can’t sing well, no matter how good you are at dancing, you won’t look talented.

— Xiumin

Netizens took to Twitter to shower praise on the EXO member. They agreed with his advice, saying that a singer’s job is first and foremost to be able to sing well.

They also noted with surprise that Xiumin is a capable mentor who gives tips that truly benefit the contestants.

NCT Universe: LaSTART is a new reality show where male SM Entertainment trainees compete for a chance to debut in a new unit of NCT.

| SM Entertainment


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